Flea & Tick Control


Adult fleas lay large numbers of eggs in the environment which can survive for several months and hatch in the presence of a dog or cat. The bite of even just one flea can cause severe irritation to your pets skin (also known as Flea Allergy Dermatitis) and, though they do not infest humans, they may still give you an uncomfortable bite.

Different oral and spot-on applications are available in the clinic. Come in for a chat and we will help you choose the most appropriate one for your pet.



Should you find a tick and you are unsure if it is a paralysis tick, immediately contact the clinic on (07) 4778 3005.

If your dog or cat is showing any symptoms of tick paralysis, such as vomiting, weakness, staggering, breathing difficulty or altered bark seek immediate veterinary attention. Early treatment is vital for the best outcome.

Tick protection is available as a spot on application, oral chewable tablets, sprays and collars. Please feel free to contact us and discuss any of your tick queries.