received_1592817467745466Why should you desex your pet?

Males – Desexing males will help reduce or prevent undesirable sexual related behaviours such as wandering, aggression/fighting, spraying/marking territory. It will also reduce the risks of testicular and perianal tumours as well as prostatic disease.

Females – Desexing will stop females from coming into season/heat meaning no bleeding, unwanted litters and also prevents the risk associated with birth. It also significantly reduces the risk of developing mammary (breast) tumours and other tumours of the reproductive tract, as well as pyometra (bacterial infection of the uterus).

Common misconceptions

“My bitch will have a better temperament if I let her have a litter” – There is no scientific proof to support this theory and we do not routinely advise it.

“Desexing will make my pet fat and lazy” – This misconception occurs because desexing is often done at an age when your pets growth rate is slowing and thus they are more prone to putting on weight if they are being overfed and not adequately exercised. Appropriate diet and exercise are important at all times, regardless of desexing.

“Desexing will change my pet’s character” – Desexing will not change your pet’s personality. It can help prevent some unwanted sexual behaviours in male dogs but they will not lose their spirit or intelligence.

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